Dining, shopping drive daily deals purchases: PriceGrabber survey

Consumers browse daily deal websites for dining offers more than any other category, according to a July 11 survey from PriceGrabber, an Experian-owned e-commerce site. The majority of consumers buy one to four deals per week but do not expect to save a specific amount when purchasing a deal, according to the survey.

The food and dining category is the most searched for vertical on daily deal sites, with 45% of consumers searching these types of sites for offers, according to the survey. Forty percent of respondents identified shopping as a priority. Thirty-one percent said they search for event discounts, while 25% look for travel-related deals, according to the poll.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they do not have a specific savings requirement for purchasing a deal. Twenty-five percent of shoppers said they require saving 25% to 49%; 19% expect a 50% to 75% discount; and 16% hope to save 15% to 24%. Two percent of respondents said they require savings of more than 75% to purchase a deal.

“If the offer is interesting, consumers will go ahead and buy it,” said Sharon Banfield, director of PR at PriceGrabber. “Consumers are very savvy and are getting much savvier post-recession, so it’s not a dollar figure they’re looking to save; it’s more about finding a great experience.”

Thirty-one percent of consumers purchase one to four deals per month, and 15% buy at least one deal per week, PriceGrabber found.

“Consumers want to get the one email, see what the offer is, and if it’s applicable, great; if not, delete,” said Banfield.

Fifty-nine percent of consumers plan to use local daily deals sites for holiday or special occasion gift purchases, with 60% of respondents planning to purchase Christmas or Hanukkah gifts on daily deals sites. Fifty-six percent will search sites for birthday gifts, and 23% will explore daily deal options for anniversary gifts, according to the survey.

“Last year, there weren’t that many merchants doing daily deals, so we’re seeing a huge influx of holiday season purchases,” said Banfield.

Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated they spend less than 30 minutes a day browsing deal sites.

The survey included responses from about 2,088 US online consumers from May 20-25. PriceGrabber has said about 23 million unique shoppers use its site every month.

PriceGrabber launched its local deal service on June 1. The site aggregates offers from 20 daily deals sites.

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