Digitaria Buys Console to Strengthen Digital Asset Management

Digitaria, a full-service digital marketing and technology firm , acquired Console, a provider of technology and application management services .

The expansion builds on Digitaria’s strengths in creating user-interface and multimedia products to also provide application development, hosting and analytics services as well as digital asset, content and application management. A new office in Los Angeles sums up the growth plans.

“We’re looking to grow in interactive marketing,” said Daniel Khabie, CEO of Digitaria, San Diego, CA. “Acquiring Console will expand our range of service offerings to customers … We were looking for a profitable company that had a similar corporate culture and we found Console was the right fit. ”

Console provides digital asset and content management, as well as application hosting tools. Its clients include General Electric, NBC Universal, Bravo, Telemundo, the San Diego Zoo and GSN, an online game network.

Client NBC.com recently incorporated changes to the Web site to become more informational and user friendly. Digitaria and Console worked together on the launch of new Saturday Night Live and Conan O’Brien sites for NBC.

Projects that combine the latest technology with creative digital marketing ideas are what CEO Khabie hopes to continue.

“There’s really something happening today on the Web,” Mr. Khabie said. “User-generated content is becoming more widespread and our customers want to support that in their sites. We are taking [Console’s] technology and making it easier to use”

Ruby Wong, co-founder of Console, becomes Digitaria’s director of client development based in the Los Angeles office, which she also heads. Douglas Hecht, the other co-founder of Console, has been named Digitaria’s president.

Digitaria customers include BP/AMPM, CBS Corp., DTS, Fox, KCET Hollywood, ASICS Shoes, Best Western International, Gateway Corp., KPBS and Qualcomm.

Digitaria’s acquisition of Console is part of continuing plans to offer customers end-to-end service under one roof.

“We’re the littlest, biggest boutique in the industry,” Mr. Khabie said.

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