Digital printing is smart, cost-effective

Digital print production can be a turning point for marketers to increase their competitiveness and grow even while gaining cost savings and a faster ROI on campaigns. There are real, winning applications based on the tremendous benefits possible only with printing. Despite an economic forecast from NAPL, a leading printing industry association, that the overall US printing industry will suffer a decline this year, predictions from myriad sources indicate that digital color printing will see double digit growth in many market sectors, including direct mail.

Much of the momentum and opportunity is based on advanced digital press imaging and data management. Direct marketers and their printing company partners can thrive by offering direct mail that goes beyond putting ink on paper.

In one example, Presentech Digital Printing partnered with marketing firm Edifice Group to take postcard mailing applications to a new level. The “pay per sale” personalized postcards rapidly increased the automotive dealerships’ sales. Auto dealer customers pay a commission based on each car sale generated from the campaign, incurring a cost only when the campaign bears fruit.

Last year, Presentech printed one million automotive dealership postcards for the program. And the summer, typically the slowest time of the year for the firm many printing companies, was busier than ever last year because summer is when most new-car models are released.

Each card is printed four-over-four with a total of 10 or more variable text or graphic images changed on each card. The fields are based on any number of data trigger points — examples include the lease expiration, mileage or service data on a recipient’s current car, or prior sales enquiries a recipient has made to dealerships in the area. Each card also has an individual Web code that leads the recipient to a personalized Web page.

Presentech Digital Printing and Edifice originally produced the program for regional auto dealerships in the southeastern US. They are on the verge of going national as the partnership enters its second year, proof that digital print can garner real results.

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