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Digital marketing hubs for multichannel integration

Today’s digital landscape offers new opportunities for direct and brand marketers to share and utilize customer data across multiple channels, to make all of them more productive in ways that previously were on strategic roadmaps but not fully executable. 

The advent of a technological approach called a “digital marketing hub” now makes it far easier to integrate marketing across channels. This approach seamlessly connects data, targeting and measurement between offline channels (e.g., mail, outbound telemarketing, interactive TV, CRM), digital outbound channels (search, e-mail, display, affiliate) and digital inbound channels (landing pages, prospecting sites, customer service/login sites). 

The digital ecosystem has now matured to the point where it approaches the level of offline direct channels in terms of consumer data availability and consistent data management processes, but with tremendous advantages. Added benefits include real-time feedback, dynamic messaging, creative control and, most importantly, the ability to do multichannel marketing. This is where the digital marketing hub comes in. It acts as the connecting glue across channels, making the marketing investment in each more valuable by providing behavioral and targeting data from complementary channels and a view into prior customer interactions.

The best way to bring home the point about the potential of a digital marketing hub is to share some real-world examples:

  • A multichannel retailer matched the top deciles from their offline prospecting mailing list to online users. They then bought those users at significant scale in display media, driving a 32% reduction in acquisition costs, even after accounting for data matching costs. In addition, there were significant cost savings from not having to distribute as many expensive prospecting catalogs.
  • A leading travel company sent special birthday emails to current customers during the month of their birthdays, encouraging them to book their next trips on the site. This synchronization of email and site personalization produced click-through rates of over 200% versus standard site offers during a six-month period.
  • An entertainment subscription company optimized its prospect website experience based on what sites users were seen on in the display media campaign. This media-aware landing page effort resulted in a conversion rate of over 20%.

So what does this mean for the marketer? 

Channel-specific direct marketing practitioners that take advantage of these opportunities make themselves more valuable to their organization by delivering greater insight into their programs and customers across channels. This drives increased ROI through better use of DM data, demonstrating how their organization can further leverage it for creating greater enterprise value.

Marketers in centralized areas with a cross-channel focus, including digital centers of excellence, end-to-end customer acquisition and customer loyalty/CRM, are in a perfect position to take full advantage of these opportunities. 

Acquisition-driven marketers can manage, coordinate and synchronize their marketing to consumers across channels over the entire purchase funnel, from awareness through consideration and purchase. This 360-degree consumer view enables improved attribution analysis to understand the incremental impact of marketing investments. It also provides a deeper understanding of the impact of individual touchpoints in the overall contact strategy so adjustments can be made throughout the process to optimize ROI. The added benefit of data from customer identification points such as site login areas can be used throughout the customer lifecycle to improve early engagement, cross-sell/upsell and loyalty.

The advent of the digital marketing hub allows marketers to become more holistic in their approach, leveraging consumer touchpoint data across channels, tactics and disciplines – and up and down the purchase funnel – to realize performance gains as never before.

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