Digital Insider: Top mobile trends in 2010

As 2010 is poised to finally be the year of mobile, DMNews chats with Federico Pisani Massamormile, global chairman and interim CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, about the continued evolution of the medium.

Q: What are the key trends you expect to see in mobile in 2010?
A: We expect the trend of brands adopting mobile as an advertising medium to continue at an accelerated pace.  We will see this as a year in which agencies are no longer ‘looking into’ mobile, but rather recommending and using mobile as a primary channel to communicate with “personalized” audiences.  We also anticipate more mobile search, more mobile commerce and more brands investing more in digital marketing and in mobile specifically. 

Q: In your new role at the MMA, what are your key goals?
A: I’ve actually been the global chairman since early 2009 and I’m now serving as interim CEO, so I’ll continue to focus my efforts on spreading the adoption and enforcement of MMA guidelines and best practices, protection of consumer privacy, reduction of regulation and overall growth of the industry. Additionally, it’s important that we strengthen our regional presence throughout the world by expanding our local councils. Another key goal of mine is increasing competitive advantage for MMA members.

Q: How will the new Google phone change the playing field?
A: For mobile marketers, it’s a new platform to use. It will enhance creativity and possibilities for all marketers exploring the mobile channel.

Q: What techniques do you expect to see mobile marketers using in mobile applications, the mobile Web and SMS marketing in 2010?
A: The MMA expects to see mobile marketers use three key techniques, including entertaining, viral, free apps on one side, and useful location-based apps on the other; integrated mobile search, location and click-to-call; and profiled push messages, such as those for the purpose of CRM.  SMS will continue to see an uplift by mobile marketers, as well.

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