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Digital Insider: Donnelley’s move to a more integrated approach

Donnelley Marketing, a division of InfoGroup, announced on November 23 it has named Jean Moseley VP of solution delivery. A 14-year veteran of the company, she is mandated with ensuring the company’s technology and capabilities are consistent with clients’ needs and customer behavior. Prior to this, she was director of product strategy. The company also brought Eric Raymond on board as VP of sales and promoted Cece Hawkins to VP of business development from director of business development. DMNews spoke with Moseley about Donnelley Marketing’s move to a more integrated approach, the need to grow with customers and the importance of data.

Q. Does this new role indicate a wider change within the company?

A. Donnelly has always focused so much on the catalog vertical and we have to evolve with our customers because there aren’t any companies out there who are strictly catalogers anymore. They’re moving in different areas and we need to have the foundation to grow with them.

Q. How do you know what direction clients and customers are moving in?

A. Being consumers ourselves, we understand what an overall customer experience is like, but it’s also about understanding the challenges our clients are experiencing and doing the best we can to remove any roadblocks, such as access to data. We’re trying to remove silos and though we can’t realistically tear down silos within clients’ organizations internally, we can bring data together and provide an ease of access to the information that clients wouldn’t have otherwise.

Q. You were promoted to your current role in order to “transform the company’s underlying infrastructure.” What does that mean?

A. We’re looking at the technology itself – the infrastructure that our processes run on. We’ve been working with our sister companies to make sure we’re including cross-channel infrastructure and capabilities. On another front, we’re making sure we understand the digital world and the direction our clients are moving in, and making sure we have the infrastructure to handle what the next step may be.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge to the new role?

A. Having a crystal ball and knowing what we’ll be up against and what we have to prepare for.

Q. Can you make changes across the breadth of the company’s deliverables, or do changes have to happen on a case-by-case basis according to clients’ needs?

A. We’re evolving on a case-by-case basis now, but with an eye toward a more general launch. We have an interactive reporting project launching early next year, and we have a client advisory board leading us in that charge. Even though the board is talking about their specific needs, we bring that information in internally and apply it across the breadth of our clients, so the launch is farther-reaching than just a select group.

Q. Can any sound strategy be formulated without data?

A. No. Data is the core. Analytics have been one of the key components that we’re building into all of our solutions. Thought leadership and analytics, as ways of interpreting data, are key pieces we’re focusing on for the infrastructure overhaul and, more specifically, within some new product launches.

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