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Digital Connexxions Starts Service Tied to USPS' Confirm

Digital Connexxions Corp., a provider of e-mail and data services for publishers and direct marketers, announced yesterday the launch of an e-mail service that works with the U.S. Postal Service's Confirm tracking service to boost direct mail response rates.

Digital Connexxions' online tools, called SubscriberWorx, handle all aspects of subscriber data management and communications including campaign offerings, online and offline deployment, real-time reporting, data management and subscriber intelligence technology, the Oakville, Ontario, company said.

When using Confirm with SubscriberWorx, Digital Connexxions said, targeted e-mails can be deployed to direct mail recipients on an individual or campaign level.

Mailers provide Digital Connexxions with a file containing the name, postal address and e-mail address of their customers, at which point a code is assigned to those customers to receive an e-mail. Once the direct mail piece has been processed and sorted by the USPS, the mailer receives notification through the Confirm service. This triggers the SubscriberWorx system to send an e-mail to the customer. Reports are Web-based, and response data can be exported for further analysis.

“By integrating e-mail with the Confirm service, marketers have a great opportunity to enhance their marketing programs in many ways, such as giving customers targeted, limited-time offers upon receiving the direct mail piece or giving advance notice that a direct mail piece will be arriving shortly,” CEO Paul Westhorpe said.

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