Digital agency R/GA openly ridicules Guy Kawasaki’s social media tips

Former Apple and Google brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki has plenty of people looking to him for tips on social media strategy, but clearly R/GA isn’t one of them.

The digital agency took to Twitter to openly mock Kawasaki’s latest LinkedIn post titled “Behind The Scenes: How I Post on Social Media.” The LinkedIn post was originally tweeted out (sarcastically) by the very funny digital marketing satire account @ProfJeffJarvis:

R/GA then made its disdain known for the article with a tweet of its own:

What exactly was it about the article that annoyed R/GA so much? For starters, whoever was running the agency’s Twitter account took issue with Kawasaki’s high-handedness about being a social media guru:

And they also called out Kawasaki for being patronizing towards his audience:

Kawasaki didn’t help matters by giving out this piece of not-so-great advice in his article:

And you read this right: identical tweets are made four times. This is because I did tests and observed that when you tweet something four times, you get four or more times the traffic. Only wimps tweet everything only once.

It’s true, tweeting once won’t help your cause, but neither will tweeting the same thing multiple times. In fact Twitter has now started cracking down on multiple identical posts to stop people from spamming audiences. 

But it was probably Kawasaki’s blatant product placements throughout the article, that caused the most offense. Kawasaki heavily promoted the use of content sharing tools Alltop, MyAlltop, and HolyKaw and Buffer, ending the article with this smug disclaimer:

Disclosure: I am the co-founder of Alltop which contains MyAlltop and HolyKaw. I advise Buffer. I am the chief evangelist of Canva. No one can say I don’t eat my own dogfood.

Let the hyper-thinkfluencer wars begin!

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