Digimind Social helps users monitor not just social media activity, but search engine results as well


Digimind Social is a monitoring, engagement, and analysis tool that incorporates and aggregates real-time data from social media platforms, other online sources, and search engines.

Features include the ability to analyze customer search behavior and respond on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums, and other media outlets.

A proprietary Top Reputation module provides real-time insight into what customers want to know about a brand, product, person, or subject. 

Users can identify influencers based on activity, number of mentions, and social media followers as well as capture and analyze comparative data including reach, sentiment, and influence associated with brands, campaigns, people, and competitors. 

Monthly pricing starts at $499. 

Josh Polk, social media manager at American Electric Power, has been using Digimind Social for about 10 weeks.

How do you use it?
We use Digimind Social to see what our customers are saying about us.

American Electric Power is a utility holding company that owns seven power companies and one retail energy company, so I monitor mentions for the holding company and for of all eight of our brands. Digimind Social allows me to monitor everything in one tool at the same time. I can also look at each brand separately.

Every day, I send reports on key mentions from the previous day to various groups within the company, including HR, security, marketing, corporate communications, and customer service. I get all of the data for these reports from Digimind Social.

You can customize what days you want to look at – the default is seven days. I’ve changed it to look only at the previous day. Then I scroll through all of the mentions and delete any false positive mentions. Digimind customer service is great about working with you to get the filters as accurate as possible.

After I delete any false positives, I export a full report and download it as PDF. I select key mentions on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that represent what customers are thinking about us and create my daily summary report.

I also set it up so that each director of corporate communications for all of our brands gets an email alert of all the mentions of their brand from the previous day. They can click on any mention in the email and go directly into Digimind Social to see more information about it.

It’s a Web based, all-in-one-place interface. It’s easy to add things such as tags and sentiment on the fly, and you can delete similar mentions right in the browser.

You can also make graphics on the fly. The analysis section is broken down into who, what, when, where, why, and how sections. I like to use the where function, which gives me a media breakdown graphic that covers number of mentions and percentage of total mentions across all the different social media channels. I export these graphics and use them in my daily reports.

Digimind Social lets us have an unlimited number of users. Radian6 charges extra if you go over a certain number of users. 

Overall, the user experience and interface are better on Digimind Social. It’s also quicker to use – I can do what I need to do in one hour with Digimind Social, whereas it the same thing took me two hours with Radian6.

Digimind’s consulting manager helped me configure things when we started using it. The customer service is great.  ?

How does it serve your business needs?
Customer Focus is one of our four key values. Digimind Social allows us to measure, tag, see sentiment, and generally take the pulse of our audiences.

It lets us know if we’re meeting our customers’ expectations as far as communicating about things such as power outages, restoring power, why it takes so long to restore power, public safety messages, energy efficiency tips, or why rates are increasing.

It allows us to gauge what our customers do or do not understand and what they do or don’t like. We base our communications on this information.

One of our operating companies, Indiana Michigan Power, had to manage extended outages on July 4 after a bad windstorm. Digimind Social allowed us to see what customers were saying and what questions they were asking. Then we could give them information – even if the information was “We don’t know yet.”

What are the main benefits?
The interface is user friendly. It is easy and quick to use.

The types of charts and graphics it creates are great for reporting. It covers Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, so we’re getting a lot better coverage of the newer social media platforms.

What would you like to see improved/added? 
Digimind is based in France, so the time zone in the product defaults to France time. They’ve now changed it so my alerts are based on my time zone. It’s mostly working. If it’s not working, they’re quick to get a developer on it. This change will be better going forward for other customers based in different time zones.

I’d also like to see more options in terms of what time of day I can monitor for the daily email alerts of mentions. Digimind is working on this.

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