Digimarc, Pitney Bowes Exploring Envelope-to-Web

Pitney Bowes Inc. and direct marketing technology firm Digimarc Corp. have agreed to develop a digital watermarking system for metered mail.

The firms plan to spend the next six months developing a system that will allow marketers to link paper envelopes to the Web. They also will look at ways to use digital watermarking as a security feature for metered postage.

Digimarc, Tualatin, OR, will contribute its digital watermarking technology, which allows digital codes to be embedded within printed or electronic content. The codes can be read with special reader software included with some imaging devices such as Web cameras and scanners.

Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT, will bring its ClickStamp Internet postage system to the agreement.

Terms of the agreement were not announced.

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