Digging the Data Pool After Tearing Down the Silo

Marketers love data—the more of it, the better. And they love analyzing all that data to gain insights and find associations. B2C marketing software vendor RedPoint Global took another step in that direction with the release of its Convergent Marketing Platform, aimed at closing gaps in customer engagement that previous products failed to close.

“Data management is in RedPoint’s DNA,” said Patrick Tripp, vice president for product strategy. “We’re the connective tissue of the enterprise.” The way RedPoint defines the “engagement gap” is as the failure by an enterprise to communicate with customers in a meaningful way. “Consumers are very demanding, fickle and inundated,” Tripp said. “We see thousands of impressions every day.”

To cut through that thicket, a business needs to have a good understanding of the customer. Misunderstanding, on the other hand, is very plain to see. A business can “underwhelm” a customer by giving them the wrong data,” Tripp explained. Or the company can “over-communicate”, pushing too much information out towards the individual, he said.

The goal is to close the gaps between data-driven personalization, enhanced marketing experience and open-marketing platforms. That would give marketers a good balanced understanding customer expectations, allowing them to act on the signals they provide, Tripp said.

Marketers can take cookie data from web site visits and craft email messages to reach those visitors, hopefully converting those visits into sales. CMP is designed to interface with a wide variety of platforms, like gaming channels, cloud-based services and even IoT. “We have over 100 APIs we maintain and support,” Tripp said. This allows CMP to evolve as channels evolve, drawing data from any source.

It also allows firms to maintain their existing databases and ad tech while integrating it with CMP. Users should be able to combine data management, instrument data and changing data, Tripp explained.

IoT is a new data source to tap, but the downside is that it also generates a lot of data. “With great power comes great opportunity,” Tripp said. CMP’s API can create a channel to tap this data and make use of it.

Making a decision becomes impossible without a way to present the data that is understandable and intuitive. CMP provides users wizard-driven tools to set up their data views. Power users can configure this any way they want to, Tripp added.

Further, these screens can be configured to suit the job role of a particular user, funneling to the screen only the data they need to see. What a creative designer needs to see is going to be different from what a campaign manager needs to know.

RedPoint Global’s CMP appears pretty neutral. It just ties various data streams together. That benign appearance can be misleading. In the data-driven world of e-marketing, the value of data is multiplied by itself with every new stream of information that flows to CMP. In effect, the value of data is exponential.

“One and one is three for sure,” Tripp said.

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