Dietary Supplement Marketer Settles FTC Charges

A dietary supplement maker and marketer settled charges alleging that it made unsubstantiated claims about its products, the Federal Trade Commission said yesterday.

The FTC complaint against Garden of Life Inc., West Palm Beach, FL, and its founder and owner, Jordan S. Rubin, alleged that advertising claims for the efficacy of dietary supplements Primal Defense, RM-10, Living Multi and FYI (For Your Inflammation) were unsubstantiated. It also alleged that claims regarding clinical studies were false.

The supplements are sold online and in stores.

Garden of Life and Rubin agreed to pay $225,000 in consumer redress based on their financial status. They will be responsible for the full judgment of more than $47 million or the total gross sales of the four supplements if they are found to have misrepresented their financial status. The settlement also prohibits the company from making deceptive claims about the results of tests or studies and requires claims by the defendants to be substantiated by competent, reliable scientific evidence.

The complaint and stipulated final order were filed in U.S. District Court in Florida on March 8.

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