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Diageo employs AI for customer insight and creativity stimulation

"AI Creativity Stimulation"
“AI Creativity Stimulation”

Diageo, a multinational spirits corporation, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to comprehend customer behavior better and stimulate creativity. The company believes bridging the discrepancy between customers’ stated choices and actual buying acts is paramount. Through AI, Diageo can discern concealed consumer behavior trends, fostering innovation within the corporation.

In partnership with an AI-based consultancy, Diageo is observing consumers’ actual behaviors, leading to a unique experience for Tequila Don Julio’s clientele. By using the Apple Vision Pro app, they can gain clear insights into customer lifestyles and make decisions based on these data outcomes. With this strategic approach, Diageo is enhancing its customer outreach and solidifying its position in the liquor industry.

Diageo’s algorithms have helped categorize many content URLs based on shared interests and behaviors. This new approach permits Diageo to identify cultural groups where their audience is highly engaged.

AI integration in Diageo’s customer insight strategies

By leveraging this data, they can customize their marketing strategies to each specific cohort, enhancing customer engagement rates and marketing expenditure.

Ana De La Guardia, Global Chief of Planning for Innovative Innovation at Diageo, stressed the significance of innovative and culturally relevant brands. De La Guardia highlighted the importance of harnessing the “halo effect” within these communities to promote brand growth and ensure its cultural relevance in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

She emphasized being proactive, novel, and aligned with consumer needs for sustained growth and competitiveness. Brands need to reinvent themselves continuously, she stated.

Diageo’s involvement with AI technology has given the company broader insights into its Tequila Don Julio brand customers. This association has resulted in the Apple Vision Pro app, which provides a personalized platform for tequila enthusiasts. This application’s success demonstrates AI’s transformative power in business and consumer interaction.

In January, Diageo established a dedicated ‘breakthrough innovation’ team to foster innovation and advance its business. This initiative strives to develop new capabilities that will fuel significant growth, delivering value not just for Diageo but also for its customers and the wider community.

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