DHL pranks competitors with “The Trojan Mailing Campaign”

Courier service DHL got a little creative with a prank it recently played on its competitors, by getting them to unwittingly advertise it.

DHL printed  a huge “DHL is faster” message on several big packages, which it sent via its competitors UPS, TNT and DPD to some very difficult to get to locations. The trick? It concealed that message by wrapping the package in thermo-sensitive material, which turns black under low temperatures. As the package heated up while out for delivery, the letters became visible to everyone who could see the large, unwieldy package being carried by hapless deliverymen.

I guess I can see the humor in this, but looking at those poor delivery guys trudging through the awful weather, having to carry a huge sign endorsing the competition made the joke seem a bit mean spirited. What do you think?

Here’s the video for the prank:

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