DHL launches new U.S. e-commerce site

Shipping services provider DHL launched on Oct. 17 a revamped website for U.S. customers,, which features improved navigation, search, paperless clearance and conversion calculators, said Robert Mintz, communications manager at DHL Express.

Mintz said that the site was also rebuilt to better align with the global DHL e-commerce site. “We wanted the site to have a similar look and feel to all other [international] DHL websites,” said Mintz.

The revamped site features a “Resource Center” where consumers can receive shipping advice, guidance for small and mid-sized businesses and other shipping information. It also includes a “Paperless Clearance” feature that enables customers to electronically transmit documents to Customs, DHL said in a statement.  

Mintz said DHL enhanced its search engine so “folks will receive more relevant search results,” adding that the site is now overall “a much more customer-friendly site with a more seamless experience.”

It is unclear which e-commerce platform DHL worked with on the launch or with which company it previously worked.

DHL is the U.S. division of German-based Deutsche Post DHL, which generated $70.5 billion in 2010.

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