DHL, Florida Department of Management Services renew contract

DHL, the express delivery and logistics company, has announced that the state of Florida Department of Management Services renewed its contract with DHL as the exclusive courier services provider for all Florida agencies and institutions.

The state of Florida will continue to leverage DHL’s portfolio of domestic services for deliveries within the state and nationwide. DHL domestic services include same day, express and ground delivery.

“We are very pleased they extended their contract with DHL,” said Robert Mintz, public relations manager at DHL. “The feedback we received with the state is that we performed very well from a service standpoint and they are pleased that we can tailor our services around their specific needs.”

Thirty seven state agencies will use DHL for shipping standard letters, reports, boxes, and time sensitive shipments û including government institutions approved to take advantage of state contracts, the Florida State Lottery, state colleges, schools and local and county governments.

DHL will continue to provide time-sensitive deliveries including medications, vaccines and other temperature sensitive shipments for the Florida Department of Health, state pharmacies and labs.

Through the new contract, DHL will provide a special visibility program to identify time-sensitive Florida shipments and a dedicated 1-800 customer service line for state users.

The company’s Controlled Transit Shipment (CTS) program developed for the state enables close monitoring of temperature sensitive shipments to protect them during weather delays or other unforeseen events.

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