DHL Express UK expands its use of MicroStrategy

DHL Express has expanded its deployment of MicroStrategy business intelligence software to support its business process optimization and enterprise business intelligence programs, which will provide reporting and analytics for key areas across the company.

DHL Express UK is a subsidiary of Bonn, Germany-based DHL, an international express and logistics company. DHL Express is using McLean, VA-based MicroStrategy throughout its organization for reporting and analysis of key business areas, including sales, marketing, finance, and operations.

With its diverse, vast network and tight delivery schedules DHL Express said a clear, up-to-date and actionable view of its business is of immense importance.

With MicroStrategy, DHL users will gain enhanced insights into their business, providing valuable sales and customer information by product and geography to better understand both key customers and service level performance.

A MicroStrategy customer since 2003, DHL Express has now expanded across multiple departments, with additional applications planned for the future.

Dashboard applications delivering information based on key performance indicators for the many diverse areas of the business also will be deployed. These new implementations are part of an information strategy to improve data management, analysis and reporting to enhance the decision-making processes of senior and operational management.

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