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Detroit family’s billboard company stands tall amid competition

"Detroit Billboard Family"
“Detroit Billboard Family”

In the heart of Metro Detroit, a small family-operated billboard company, Oram’s International Outdoor, fiercely rivals a billion-dollar competitor. The company faces rising costs and formidable opposition yet has devised strategies for survival and prosperity.

Oram’s is focusing on building stronger bonds within the community it serves. They believe that fostering relationships can provide a defense against larger competitors. They are also incorporating digital technologies and considering partnerships with local businesses.

The company is a family venture with a solid presence in the billboard business. The family patriarch leads the team, the mother handles finances, and the son directs operations.

Detroit family billboard business holds steady against rivals

They are known for large-format, visually appealing billboards positioned in key spots, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Oram’s shows commitment to clients and a passion for the outdoors and sustainability. Despite operating in a competitive field, the company upholds its core values of family, integrity, and service, fostering a culture akin to a family.

The company erected a standout sign on the busy intersection of I-75 and 13 Mile Road. Despite several hurdles, including bureaucracy, resource allocation, and inclement weather, they successfully got their message of justice seen daily by thousands of people.

Amanda Fisher of the National Federation of Independent Business emphasizes the role of small businesses in the economy. She warns that ignoring their needs could disrupt the balance within the economic ecosystem, stressing the need for a growth strategy that protects both small and large industries.

The Oram family is embroiled in a legal battle over a billboard, facing challenges around time, money, and energy. Yet the Orm’s, like other small businesses, have shown resilience and grit amidst adversity. Their journey showcases their determination and serves as an inspiration for many.

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