Dems More Caffeinated and Socialized than Republicans

If today’s midterm elections go as usual, little more than a third of Americans are likely to check in at their local polling stations to exercise their franchises as free citizens. Chances are good, however, that most of them will check their emails. That might not augur well for Democratic candidates today, as an examination of voters’ inboxes found Democrats having to deal with more messages of all kinds. Still, one could argue that Democratic voters might make it to the polls in larger numbers because they’re more energetic and informed.

After comparing more than 50,000 inboxes of subscribers to and, Return Path found that the latter received more emails from news publishers than their Republican counterparts. Emails from the New York Times were in 9% of Dems’ mailboxes versus only 3% of Republicans. Similarly, the distribution from the Washington Post was 5% to 2% in favor of Democrats.

Democrats also appeared to be more caffeinated than Republicans. Some 16% received emails from Starbucks compared to 10% on the other side of the political café, and Dems also led in offers from Dunkin’ Donurts.

Nearly three-quarters of Dems (73%) had messages from Facebook as opposed to fewer than two-thirds (63%) of GOPers, and Dems outpaced their more conservative citizens in emails from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well. 

Nine percent of Democrats heard from Candy Crush game-maker King, compared to 6% of Republicans, though both political persuasions seemed equally committed to an agrarian digital economy. Dems only slightly edged Republicans (15% to 14%) in emails from Zynga, the maker of Farmville.

The important poll numbers for marketers, however, came in transactions. Democrats led purchases in a landslide, 220,000 to 82,000.

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