Demographics Pro IDs influencers

The North-Carolina based social profiler Demographics Pro today announced the launch of “Influence Search,” a ser vice which combines demographic and psychographic data to identify the top influencers of specific target audiences.

Available by API or dashboard, the new solution provides ranked search results of influencers best able to reach demographic segments with precisely defined interests, together with social account details. Searches can be customized to answer questions like “Which politicians have the most influence with baby boomers in Florida?” and “Which journalists have the most influence with people age 30 and over interested in luxury brand cars?”

According to CEO Paul Hallett:

Lesser known long-tail influencers often drive more effective campaigns than famous content creators with millions of fans. We identify the optimal influencers to engage a specific target audience.

The Hub participated in a beta media review. The dashboard invites the selection of demographic basics (age, gender, location, occupation, etc) and psychographic criteria (interests, brands, “following”), then lets you run a search for persons or brands which most influence that defined segment. Search is available across all of Twitter or among sub-sets of Twitter users. Searches across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vine will remain in beta until later in the year, pending the expansion of influencer indexes for those platforms.

The steepest learning curve is likely to be learning to balance search criteria between too wide and too restrictive (the dashboard won’t respond until you give it a plausible target). We set a simple search (Which journalists on Twitter most influence affluent single males in the United States about food and wine?), and the answers were on  target: two former or current food magazine editors, and three current or former New York Times food writers. 

Dashboard subscriptions are priced at $300 to $5,000 per calendar month, depending on licensing needs and required depth of search. 

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