Demandbase Launches B2B Data Cloud

Account-based marketing platform Demandbase today launched the B2B Data Cloud, an effort to coalesce marketing efforts across the entire funnel by relying on IP addresses and third-party data instead of cookies.

“B2B marketers have been massively underserved by cookie-based technologies with data models that don’t extend across advertising, marketing, and CRM. Even worse, the traditional measurement approaches that come with these tools are nearly useless in the B2B world,” says Demandbase CEO Chris Golec.

Things like tunnel velocity and close rates, not leads and clicks, are the currency of B2B marketers and require more refined tools and methods, Golec maintains. One that will be brought to bear in Demandbase’s Data Cloud is the ability to ferret out the organizational functions of prospects, a capability that arrived at Demandbase with its acquisition of WhoToo in September.

“It’s not just about serving ads to people who come to your website, it’s about interacting within context. Most B2B companies only target one to two percent of the business in its universe,” Golec says. “If you’re just relying on people filling out a form to download a whitepaper, you’re missing 70% of your opportunity.”

Demandbase received $30 million in financing in July to expand its profile in account-based marketing with the WhoToo acquisition and, now, the introduction of Data Cloud.

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