Deloitte & Touche launches business magazine

Deloitte & Touche USA, the business advisory firm, launched a biannual periodical Deloitte Review on Monday. Appearing simultaneously online and in print, the inaugural issue focuses on the defining tasks that can make or break a company.

Deloitte Review is written largely by senior executives at Deloitte, but Review editor in chief Jon Warshowsky insists that the magazine is not an advertisement for the firm.

“In terms of content, we’re trying to share topics that different parts of Deloitte have expertise in. For example, there’s a mergers and acquisitions piece in this issue,” Warshowsky said. “We are desperately steering clear of the types of articles you’d see in sales pieces.”

“There are already Deloitte brochures available, and we wanted to be different,” he continued. “I don’t think advertising is really how we get work; it’s all about referral and relationships.”

No advertisers will be featured in the 64-page first issue of the Deloitte Review, and there are no plans to add any in the future. Deloitte & Touche will not place advertisements in its own magazine, but will provide plenty of contact information for potential clients.

“We’re not bashful about putting our contact information in there,” Warshowsky said. “We want to get these concepts into play, and we’re hoping to get some contacts into play. We’re hoping people will want to have a dialogue with us and will go to us directly. That would be successful”

Deloitte & Touche clients will receive the magazine for free. Other interested parties may request copies on the publication’s Web site. The magazine, aimed at C-suite executives, will also be sent to graduate schools as a recruitment tool.

Warshowsky also sees the publication as a way to share more of the firm’s in-house research, which had heretofore been published mostly in white papers.

The Deloitte Review site will be updated with new articles every few months and will also contain all content from the print issue. Users can sign up for e-mail updates that alert them when new articles go online. RSS feeds to the site are also available.

The next issue of the biannual glossy, slated to run in February 2008, will also have a special focus topic.

“We felt it was a really good fit with our brand,” explained Warshowsky of the in-depth focus. “The work we do doesn’t lend itself well to 2- or 3-line descriptions û it requires depth of format.”

The Deloitte Review site will become more interactive over time. Other future plans will make main writers and Deloitte senior executives available to speak with interested clients û both through online contact and with speaking engagements.

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