Dell, Enfatico epitomize modern agency integration

Last week, DMNews held its first editorial web­cast. It was sponsored by e-mail marketing firm Lyris, developed and hosted by associate editor Dianna Dilworth, and featured input from Sylvia Sierra, VP of marketing at Access Intelligence; and Jeanniey Mullen, executive director of the Email Experience Council and EVP and CMO at Zinio.

The topic, which was the integration of e-mail with other marketing channels, was a big hit. This comes as no surprise – sometimes I wonder if the word “integration” is the most popular marketing-related keyword on Google these days.

I am impressed, however, with the number of mar­keters I regularly read about that are truly making strides toward fully integrating their efforts across marketing channels, across sales channels and across departments in their organizations.

Our main feature this week, focusing on computer maker Dell (and written by Dianna Dilworth) is a perfect example. Dell is one of the largest e-commerce retailers out there today, with a massive global presence, so naturally it behooves Dell to make sure it is integrated in every way.

It took a big leap in 2008 by working to consolidate the work of nearly 800 agencies on behalf of Dell into one, globally integrated agency. Enfatico launched in June and, while it has endured criticism over the past months regarding its campaign output, there’s no doubt the WPP-owned agency has worked diligently and passionately to meet Dell’s integration goals.

All departments within Enfatico have a seat at the agency’s table when it comes to creative work, so there are no silos within the agency itself. From a global standpoint, the agency works to make its front-end creative and back-end data analysis efficient across countries.

And, together with Dell, the agency continues to boost the computer maker’s e-commerce profile beyond the URL – to mobile marketing, social media and expanded search capabilities.

In our coverage of Enfatico’s work with Dell, DMNews has done some integrating of its own by partnering with sister publication PRWeek, which ran a story about Enfatico’s integration of PR into its work with Dell last week. And this week, you can watch a joint DMNews/PRWeek video interview with Enfatico CEO Torrence Boone on, hosted by myself and PRWeek executive editor Erica Iacono.

Want to find out even more ways to integrate your campaigns? Check out our Technique feature this week, which hones in on how to integrate your search and social media campaigns, to maximize your ROI on both – including using paid search to drive to social media sites; finding the true fans and “influ­encers” of your brand through search queries; and analyzing search and social media behavior to drive campaign decision-making.

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