Dell Dude Gets Web Page

Dell launched a section of its Web site yesterday dedicated to “Steven,” the main character in Dell's consumer television advertisements.

Consumers visiting can watch the latest ad and learn about the Inspiron 4100 notebook, the Dell System that Steven uses. There also will be information on Benjamin Curtis, the actor who portrays Steven.

The advertising campaign features Steven talking friends and parents of friends into buying Dell computers.

Consumers also can get information on all Dell products and buy items as well.

A Dell spokesman said there is no set time for how long the site will be operational. He said it will be altered every time there is a new commercial highlighting another product.

“We will probably have it running as long as we have the Steven character,” he said. “The products advertised in the commercials do vary but the site is going to be generic enough that people will be able to get information on all of our products.”

Dell plans to drive consumers to the site by promoting its launch with a large ad at the top of its home page,, which will link consumers to Steven's page.

Dell launched the site because of the character's popularity.

“Over the past year we have gotten so many requests for more information on the character,” the spokesman said.

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