Delivered: Outdoor Gear Emails

Bass Pro Shops hauled in a big one with its Catch of the Week email. The “Rugged Outdoor Watches – $9.97” subject line leaves no confusion as to the email’s purpose, and the inside eschews lengthy text in favor of images and a clear call-to-action. The watch photos make the deal seem like a steal, while the below-the-fold image of a father and his daughter fishing sends a subtle message that dad doesn’t need another tie this year.



Cabela’s springs a trap with its “Save up to 70% in our Bargain Cave” email. The subject line is enticing, but the seven offers—although clearly listed, each with a specific discount and a call-to-action—is confusing because the six secondary offers look associated with the main offer, but they aren’t. Additionally, although “Shop now” works for the main offer, the six secondary calls-toaction could be more effective with “Buy now,” as they each link to a specific item.



Dick’s lassos customers in with its “2 Days Only” promotion. The main message is clear and simple in that it repeats the deal cited in the subject line in a large font with a photo of two people riding their bikes alongside a can’t-miss call-to-action. The only other piece of information fighting for attention is the day’s featured deal—a $54.98 hammock—and that’s placed in such a manner that it doesn’t poach from the main offer.



River Sports Outfitters leaves customers scratching their heads with its “Events this Weekend” email. Poor spacing crams text and images tightly together so they compete for attention. The calls-to-action are simply underlined text; if not for being red, they would blend into the surrounding text like camouflage. The seemingly disconnected plug for a sandwich shop becomes clear only if the recipient reads the dense copy that explains the relationship the shop has with River Sports.



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