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Delivered: Holiday Catalogs 2013

What’s in our mailbox this month: Holiday catalogs

“All Wrapped Up In Bloomingdale’s wows from the start with its collection of elegant products, e.g. the $950 Guiseppe Zanotti fish bone sandals that lead off the catalog.

The free shipping for online orders and gratis returns, coupled with the catalog’s less-is-more approach—the majority of the pages have no more than a single item, though the tchotchkes are shown together—make it 92 pages of ways that Bloomingdale’s aims to help customers wrap up their holiday shopping.

But its oversize pages could have included more items without losing the impact of its sparse approach.


The two Victoria’s Secret catalogs— Christmas Specials Vol. 1 and Holiday Sale 2013—both offer sleepwear, underwear, everyday clothing, and footwear, so there’s really no reason that the company needed to send two separate periodicals to the same customer, landing on the same day, for the same holiday.

Regardless, the sum is the same for both readers: overpriced shipping, even after the savings. Your secret’s out, Victoria!


L.L. Bean
‘s 67-page Christmas catalog is all about quantity. It’s cover copy boasts several options for savings: free shipping, $10 off an order with a promotional code, and a free $10 gift card with a $50 or more purchase. Inside, its pages fl aunt enough flannel—shirts, slippers, sleeping bags, pajamas—to make the Brawny man jealous; plus, plenty of other classic L.L. Bean gear to help make the winter weather moot.

Designed in the retailer’s standard format, the catalog is packed with cool products but still simple enough for customers to find and purchase everything on their gift list.



Free gift packaging with every order and over 60 new styles make Pajamagram.com‘s holiday catalog 71 pages of bliss for gift-givers. The pastel colors on the cover draw in customers and the quaint products—from matching sets of PJs for families to personalized pajamas and beds for pets—make it irresistible to peruse.

However, with potentially hefty shipping fees (up to $19.99), customers may be more likely to look than to buy.

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