Delivered: Food Delivery Mailers

What’s in our mailbox this month:

Food delivery company‘s mailer is, well, seamless. The exquisite front boasts an offer—$10 off your first order—in big, bold lettering along with an appetizing salad photo. The back of the piece is just as enticing thanks to a concise call-to-action, another tantalizing food shot, and a sizable reminder of the $10 offer. Seamless really brings home the bacon with its mailer, despite the fact that it’s addressed “To Our Neighbors.”


The mailer from Domino’s Pizza gets right to the point with a mouth-watering picture of two pizzas that draw your eye to an “order now at” button cleverly designed to look clickable. The back, although busy, further entices the recipient with another delectable pizza photo, three coupons, and some flattery (basically, “you’re fabulous, so here’s a special deal”). It’s addressed to “Domino’s Pizza Lover,” which is clever, but doesn’t jibe with the familiarity of the “fabulous” compliment.


Fairway Market‘s mailer is a real lemon. It’s overrun with myriad font styles and sizes, scattered photos and offers, and a key message about “indulging dad” on one side that lacks follow-through like a call-to-action. The other side has a complete different message (about using a mailer instead of a circular to be green), and sale items not at all connected to it. Within the mailer’s busy design is one bland element: It’s addressed to “Resident.”


Restaurant BZ Grill‘s piece isn’t worth a hill of beans if its aim is to entice an immediate purchase. It has zero pictures of its varied menu items, zero coupons or deals, and no call-to-action—just a self-congratulatory statement: New York’s Best Gyro. The eatery has simply slapped a mailing label—addressed to “Current Resident,” not surprisingly—on a menu and sent it on its way. Certainly, some recipients will add it to their stack of takeout menus, despite its blandness.

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