Delivered: Club Med Emails

The bright spot of Club Med’s April 8 email is
the subject line: “Venture off the beaten path with a $250 air-credit and easy flights!” Then the email shows a map of various flight routes and fees, despite knowing the recipient’s ZIP Code.
There are no pictures of
the “hidden gem” resort
the email is promoting to further entice prospective customers to click through for additional information. The email could use some MEDical attention.


Club Med’s April 11 email, offering strictly scuba vacations, is overdesigned. Although a dive photo may lure in recipients, they may not know where to look next, as two offers presented in pink boxes compete for attention. Worse, the welcome line, “Have you ever dreamt of taking an adventure to the bottom of the sea?” reads like it’s from The Godfather. The offers, a clear call-to-action, and an inviting subject line are valiant efforts, but this email should’ve stayed home.


Club Med’s April 18 email for a Cancun Yucatan vacation is clean and focused. The subject line—“Summer getaways at our newly transformed resort start from $122 per adult”—is enticing enough to warrant clicks, and its consistent branded look and feel is a ray of sunshine on any device. A captivating photo of the resort, text depicting a day at the resort, and a photo itinerary make the call-to-action a must-click. This email has its bags packed and is ready to go.


A simple design accompanied by minimal text and a clear call-to-action make Club Med’s April 29 email the finest of the bunch. The photos of varied exotic destinations enhance the email’s allure, while the one-week deadline for the resort company’s current rates and the “don’t wait” call-to-action are sure to drive quick response from prospective travelers. However, the noon delivery time misses the 8 p.m.–midnight prime sending window. Regardless, the email is all-inclusive.


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