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Deliver an immersive content experience using webinars

Content Marketing is a hot technique to attract and retain customers by creating and curating valuable content. How do you do it well during a webinar? During this session, Dr. Carmen Simon shares the latest neuroscience findings on how to deliver an immersive content experience online. Specifically, you will learn about: 

  • Interactivity. Unlike other forms of marketing, webinar participation renders itself to constant interactivity from customers through chat, polls, or downloads. You can use such interactive tools well when you decide to teach your own participants how to do something instead of promoting more of your capabilities.

  • Design. This is critical because good design (a combination of art, imagination, and science) is engaging, and creates and emotional bond with an audience. High quality images, copy, and composition lead to full immersion in your content. 

  • Person vs. persona. Successful content marketing is personalized, not generalized. Learn how to do this even when you’re not seeing your audience. 

  • Metrics. Once you’ve included the mandatory variables for optimal content, wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate that experience consistently, across many webinars?

Let’s learn what metrics to use to maximize your content marketing efforts and precision.

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