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De Quinto Tapped as Coke’s Next CMO


The Coca-Cola Company will have its first new CMO in seven years when Joe Tripodi retires in February. Taking his place will be Marcos De Quinto (above), a 30-year Coke veteran who has served as president of the Iberia Business Unit since 2000.

In announcing the appointment, Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent noted that the Iberian unit had become a beacon of marketing excellence under De Quinto’s leadership. “Although Marcos’ DNA is that of a marketer, he has held a number of leadership roles throughout his career and he will bring a global view with strong operational experience to this key role,” Kent added.

Coke turned to a company man to succeed Tripodi, who was Allstate Insurance’s CMO when he headed to Atlanta in 2007. Except for a two-year sojourn in the advertising business, De Quinto has worked at Coca-Cola since 1982 in several marketing positions, including district management, marketing director of Coca-Cola Espana, and marketing director of the company’s German division.

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