Datran Debuts E-Mail List Tool

Datran Media, New York, a full-service offline and online database marketing firm, recently launched a list managing reporting solution. Its Web solution, Datran Performance Center, gives companies visibility into the revenue performance of their e-mail lists in real time.

Marketers can monitor their lists' projected gross revenue; projected revenue by category; the number of bad domains, bounces and duplicates; and other data.

“List management partners want to have visibility into how much revenue they put into their lists and how many offers they are getting off their lists,” said Sean O'Neal, chief marketing officer at Datran. “It allows them to see how much revenue was generated yesterday, over the last two weeks or the last two months, as well as revenue projections by category.”

When they track revenue by category, list managers can compare their customers' preference to other categories. For example, they can see that a certain segment of automotive customers are also interested in buying cell phones.

The Datran Performance Center also can send e-mail alerts when delivery problems occur as well as daily e-mail alerts detailing revenue projection and data trends.

“For a particular day, if we don't see any e-mail from that customer, we can send an e-mail saying that 'no data was received.'” O'Neal said.

Datran is offering the solution free to its list management partners.

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