Datorama Adds Genius

Is there room for another genius in the marketing tech and intelligence space? Datorama, the New York-based data management and activation platform, believes there is, and today launches Datorama Genius, an AI engine designed to surface optimization paths for platform users.

In a conversation before the launch, Datorama’s CMO Leah Pope broke the Datorama platform down into three layers: an integration engine, an insights engine, and an activation engine. “There’s intelligence in all three buckets,” she said. Genius puts AI into the insights layer. 

In a demonstration, Jay Wilder, director of product marketing, displayed a pipeline — a Twitter-like feed — of insight cards (see image above) triggered by Genius. Insights can be positive or negative (indicated by a green or red lightning bolt symbol); where negative, Genius surfaces not just the problem but potential fixes. For example, when proven good creative is performing badly with a proven good audience, Genius can suggest a better audience for that creative. Cards of low interest can be muted, and Genius will continually learn which cards it should show.  “In a pre-Genius world,” said Wilder, the user “needed to create dashboards and search for optimization opportunities.” Genius is intended to allow users real-time insight into the mix of campaigns, channels, and audiences best suited to achieve KPIs.

Genius also allows users to create a custom bot to analyze and suggest optimizations for a KPI of the user’s choice, for example, conversion rate.

Wilder explained that AI is not new to Datorama’s platform. Genius, he said, represents “leveraging AI we’ve already invested in.”

Asked to differentiate Genius from other intelligent marketing solutions, Pope emphasized first that it’s applied to all of a brand’s data from all parts of the customer’s journey (a single view of data from all sources is the basic proffer of Datorama’s platform, as CEO Ran Sarig explained to me last year). Second, she said that it goes beyond identifying anomalies to surfacing opportunities to improve KPI performance. Third, it’s marketer friendly; “It’s not a data science product,” she said. 

Genius will be available to all Datorama customers at no extra charge.

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