Datonics Announces Deal With Adobe

Online data marketplace Datonics recently announced a strategic alliance with Adobe. It’s a move meant to provide Adobe’s customers with access to its data within Adobe Audience Manager.

Advertisers and publishers using the platform now have the option to access Datonics data to enhance existing audience profiles for improved targeting, analytics, and ROI maximization and monetization.

Datonics’ custom keyword-derived segments aim to enable marketers to engage with consumers who are most likely to respond to their offerings. The company says that by using this set of data, advertisers can grow revenue and their customer base through unified, actionable views of their audiences.

“We are thrilled to be working with Adobe and allowing their customers to easily use our data,” said CEO of Datonics Michael Benedek in a release. “Through this deal, advertisers and publishers benefit from data sources that allow for more precise targeting, analytics, and monetization.”

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