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DataMentors Announces Partnership With Relevate


Business intelligence and Data-as-a-Service provider DataMentors recently announced its partnership with Relevate, effective immediately. Brook Venture Partners led the financing, with co-investors Bay Capital and Spring Capital Partners.

The new company, which will adopt the DataMentors moniker, will boast DataMentors’ CEO Bob Orf and President Anders Ekman in their same respective roles. Marketing data and services provider Relevate’s CEO Steve Rao will take over the COO role, CTO Damon Horst will become CIO, and Vice Chairman Peg Kuman will remain with the company in her senior advisory role.

“DaaS, which is completely changing the game for marketers today, is a revolutionary new way of delivering in-market customers and prospects to a company’s channel systems or marketing programs in real-time,” Orf said in a press release. “It’s thrilling to be able to lead the charge by combining the strengths of two best-in-breed companies to provide marketers with a truly unique and unfair competitive advantage.”

The new company’s products will be a best-of-both-worlds combination, with DataMentors’ technologies and Relevate’s data products paired up.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Relevate as we push forward to bring new, exciting opportunities to help companies grow with technology and data,” Ekman said in the statement. “This partnership will pave the future for our combined company to continue to flourish as the leading Data-as-a-Service provider, and ultimately lead to more marketing ROI for our clients.”

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