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ACORN, CACI/ PerformanceData

The U.S. Marketing Systems Group of CACI International Inc., Arlington, VA, an international information technology products and services company, has entered into an agreement with PerformanceData, Chicago, to add CACI's ACORN neighborhood segmentation codes as a selection to PerformanceData's mailing lists.

According to CACI, encoding PerformanceData's lists with the detailed segmentation information will give marketers greater choice and accuracy in reaching their target markets.

For more information, call CACI Marketing Systems at 800/292-2224 on the East Coast or 800/394-3690 on the West Coast or PerformanceData at 800/626-2341.

i.d.Centric, FirstLogic/Torrent

FirstLogic, La Crosse, WI, a customer data technology and services provider that produces the i.d.Centric family of data quality products, has announced a partnership with Torrent Systems, Cambridge, MA, a provider of an environment for developing and deploying scalable software solutions,

According to FirstLogic, the partnership will allow large-scale data warehouses and database marketing systems that use i.d.Centric products to enjoy the scalability and speed of parallel processing and symmetric multiprocessing environments.

The products, called the i.d.Centric Torrent Operators, will work within the Torrent Orchestra environment

For more information, call 800/551-9419.

AnswerTree, SPSS

Reporting, analysis and modeling software provider SPSS, Chicago, has developed AnswerTree, a data-mining tool that the company says will let users find segments, build profiles, predict outcomes and discover patterns in data. It also will provide a visual snapshot of those patterns and segments. AnswerTree is being shipped for $995 in North America.

AnswerTree uses four decision-tree algorithms that use certain types of data to help users get the best model for each situation. The tree diagram will enable users to quickly identify and examine “key groups” in their data. They also will be provided with presentation-quality charts and tables with multiple display options.

For more information, see

Online prospecting, MySoftware

MySoftware Co., Palo Alto, CA, a supplier of mailing software for small businesses, is introducing an online prospecting service that allows small businesses to new customers. It also will offer a change-of-address service that uses the U.S. Postal Service's database to help small businesses stay in touch with their customers

In addition, it is announcing a prospecting Web site that will enable small businesses to select and download qualified customers from the Internet. According to MySoftware, small businesses will have access to more than 100 million consumer and business listings.

For more information, call 800/325-3508.

LearningLab, Nykamp

Database marketing consulting firm Nykamp, Lombard, IL, has launched LearningLab, which creates a prototype database and a sample of the customer's data.

Nykamp said the service will allow marketers to perform a “trial run” database before investing in development or enhancement. It also will give marketers insight into their customers' databases, develop targeted marketing programs and test and evaluate the success of these data-driven programs. The service can be tailored to firms of all sizes.

For more information, call 630/424-0500.

White Pages, ABI

American Business Information, Omaha, NE, a provider of marketing information products and data processing services, has introduced a White Pages database containing names, addresses and telephone numbers culled from directories.

The available data has been expanded and includes census-derived age, income and home-value estimates. It also will include geocode enhancements used in mapping applications.

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Integrated database marketing company Customer Development Corp., Peoria, IL, has released a marketing database system called CDC/MDM. CDC/MDM is an open database connectivity-compliant relational database engine accessed by a campaign management/decision support toolset. CDC is moving existing client databases into the new client/server-based technology.

The system can nest queries within queries, which allows the marketer to construct contact strategies targeting a few customers at a time and re-using previous work on other campaign design sessions.

For more information, visit

Centrus Merge/Purge, Qualitative Marketing

Qualitative Marketing Software, Clearwater, FL, a data enhancement and data quality technology provider, has added Centrus Merge/Purge to its group of library solutions.

The system can be integrated into Windows 95/NT and UNIX software. It uses multiple algorithms to help find matches where typical data input errors occur and lets the user choose the highest score, an average or weighted average from the algorithms.

Licensing fees will begin at $30,000.

For more information, call 800/782-7988.

Internet FastForward, Envelope Manager

Envelope Manager Software, Palo Alto, CA, has launched Internet FastForward, which will give bulk mailers and address list mangers real-time access to the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address (NCOA) database.

According to Envelope Manager, the integration of Internet FastForward into Envelope Manager's bulk mail presort software product, PAVE, will let mailers process their address lists without exporting/importing problems.

For more information, call 800/576-3279

DecisionPro, Sachs Group

Sachs Group, Evanston, IL, has debuted DecisionPro for healthcare organizations that need information, intelligence and decision support for projects.

DecisionPro is an off-site strategic information resource that includes market profiles (such as insurance coverage, market sizing and economics), market entry analyses and customer segmentation and custom database marketing.

According to Sachs, DecisionPro can maximize resources, proactively manage workloads and access information and expertise for projects. It includes market profiles, market entry analyses, utilization profiles, custom segmentation and health profiles.

For more information, call 800/366-PLAN.

DynaMark Digital Services, DynaMark

Database management solutions provider DynaMark, St. Paul, MN, has developed DynaMark Digital Services, a set of Internet-based services that will let users transfer proprietary database files and download reports on demand. Features include secure Web-based file transfer and report delivery.

DDS users will have their own URL address and password-protected home page on the Digital Services secure site. Users can download up to a gigabyte of marketing program data from their own desktop without IS support.

To implement the service, users will need an Internet connection, a current Web browser and a personal computer.

For more information, see

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