Data and tag management platform Ensighten expands into Australia

Cupertino-based data management platform Ensighten is expanding its global footprint by opening an office in Australia.

The enterprise data and tag management company behind the Agile Marketing Platform announced today that it would open an office in Sydney to cover the Asia Pacific region. The new office will be headed by Chris Brinkworth who was the founder of TagMan, a tag management platform that Ensighten acquired in March.

“As more businesses drive towards true vendor independence and ownership of data beyond their website, Ensighten is positioned to deliver exceptional global and local value to our customers and partners across all industries,” said Ensighten president, Dan Dal Degan. “We are thrilled to have Chris Brinkworth returning to Sydney to help enterprises across APAC dramatically increase their marketing ROI.”

Ensighten’s Agile Marketing Platform enables marketers to collect, sort and manage customer data gained from multiple sources. The effective management of customer data prepares it for use in other processes, such as A/B testing and marketing automation.

The move is the latest in a series of positive activity for Ensighten. it was able to acquire its biggest competitor TagMan in March and raised $40 million in Series B funding at the start of this year. Brinkworth says expanding into Australia is a big opportunity for the platform, with big potential to corner the still young marketing tech space.

“Australia/New Zealand’s smaller market, teams and budgets have created a unique competitive eco-system of strategy and measurement which we just don’t see in American ‘spray and pray’ digital marketing campaigns,” says Brinkworth. “However, the local industry faces challenges with the friction in locating, negotiating, testing, validating and supporting nascent, but needed programmatic, cloud technologies from the U.S. and EMEA at scale.”

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