Daily Mail uses traditional means to promote its programmatic campaign

The Daily Mail has launched a campaign that will provide a dollar in free programmatic credit for every dollar purchased traditionally. 

The company announced the campaign in a full-page New York Times ad. The offer is only available to companies that spend at least $150,000 and the price match is only valid for the first $1 million spent, until March 31.

The campaign is a savvy way to let advertisers know about their programmatic offerings and also incentivize them a risk-free opportunity to try it out. Some advertisers have been reluctant to embrace programmatic as there can be transparency issues and it lacks the overall human element of the traditional advertiser-media relationship.

In a subsequent tweet, Daily Mail North America CEO Jon Steinberg said that WPP’s Xaxis, MDC’s Varick Media and independent Media Storm were the trading desk partners for the campaign.

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