Cybuy Debuts Commerce-Enabled Ad Banner

NEW YORK — Transaction service provider Cybuy yesterday unveiled a commerce-enabled banner ad. The company said the new technology allows consumers to make purchases directly from the banner without leaving a Web site.

The company showed off its new product at the Internet and E-Business Conference and Exposition. The new banner ads let consumers make purchases in just three clicks.

Cybuy said the banners work with all online advertisements, including the newest banners recently approved by the Internet Advertising Bureau. It said that with its technology, marketers can manage all processes from order capture to credit card processing.

Its commerce-enabled e-mail can generate a 5-1 increase in conversions, Cybuy said. In a recent e-mail campaign for online jewelry retailer, in conjunction with CheetahMail, Cybuy said its technology helped reduce the average time to purchase by 75 percent.

Cybuy said commerce-enabled e-mails were sent to some of's customers and standard e-mails were sent to others. When the results of the two mailings were compared, Cybuy found that links within the commerce-enabled e-mail generated more than double the conversion rate compared with the standard e-mail. The company did not say how many e-mails were sent.

“We were able to demonstrate that Cybuy's commerce-enabling technology makes e-mail campaigns perform significantly better, especially when combined with a marketer's compelling product offer and enticing visuals,” said Dominic DiMascia, Cybuy's CEO.

Pinny Gniwisch, executive vice president of marketing at, said that using Cybuy and CheetahMail, the company was able to generate exclusive offers easily for its customers.

“We found the most beneficial aspect of the Cybuy technology is its ability to create offers exclusive to e-mail campaigns without costly changes to our Web site,” he said.

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