Customized and on-demand targeting

On-demand targeting is an automated platform that applies predictive analytic techniques to the optimization of the traditional direct marketing. Launching a new chapter in direct marketing, on-demand targeting utilizes predictive marketing software behind the scenes to automatically create sophisticated custom selects, providing organizations with a unique tool for pinpointing and pursuing the best potential customers.

On-demand targeting will automatically generate a universe of relevant and targeted customers for every marketing, fundraising, or political campaign.

Also, on-demand targeting is creating a direct marketing revolution with the following contributions to a new standard of marketing strategy.

Location-enhanced customization: On-demand targeting automatically combines the demographic data with trade area segmentation, identifying the best households in a particular location, and accurately defining a prospect universe.

Trade area segmentation moves away from traditional use of geography selection, and actually determines where your best customers are coming from. Then, in combination with the demographic data, works to identify the best new customers are in that trade area.

Demographic data classifies the right households, while trade area segmentation identifies the optimum location. Combined, these variables become a powerful tool in the direct marketing campaigns of retail, franchise, real estate and local services.

Applying targeting in real time: In 2007, the majority of services and resources will be on-demand, and in order to compete, marketers will need to have instant access to the best new prospects.

On-demand targeting is available online. Within three hours to four hours, it can build a custom model for any product, service or situation and apply a score to every household in the United States, all 120 million of them.

The resultant household scores become specific selections custom built for each direct marketer’s campaign. In the past, this type of custom modeling and prospect marketing database has taken weeks or months to create. The impact of real time scoring allows marketers to gain rapid access to the necessary prospect list, and therefore focus their time, energy and labor into the specific campaign.

Customized approach to every model and every list: The on-demand automated predictive analytics process enables marketers, direct marketing agencies, list consultants and marketing services providers to create and manage a custom prospect universe for every customer and every campaign.

For example, through the predictive marketing software, on-demand targeting can even create a customized list that reaches business owners at their homes. High-level executives may not read direct mail in the office. Therefore this targeting tactic would provide direct marketers with a resource to identify individuals with a propensity toward certain high value goods and services.

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