Customer Velocity Gives Marketers Control of eCampaigns

Delano Technology Corp. is expected to launch its Customer Velocity software product today. This customer relationship management suite of applications is aimed at helping marketing coordinators improve and integrate their marketing campaigns and customer service interactions.

The software, which costs $250,000, is divided into three modules designed to manage the interactions surrounding a customer lifecycle.

The Velocity Campaign Management module enables marketers to manage outbound marketing campaigns such as targeted e-mail campaigns, surveys and newsletters. “This allows [the user] to segment a target audience through list management, segmentation and sub-segmentation. They can design and build the actual campaign and execute it using e-mail and Web platforms,” said Ross Sedgewick, director of industry marketing at Delano Technology Corp, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The Velocity Newsletter, for example, can dynamically generate newsletters, automatically manage feedback, subscribes, unsubscribes and undeliverables.

The Velocity Response Management module provides automatic management of inbound communication.

“They can dynamically create multiple responses. It can recognize what consumer segment is responding to what campaign and provide a specific action for those customers,” said Sedgewick. “If a gold customer responds, it can cross-sell an extended warranty to them. [It can be set up] so it won't do this for a bronze customer.”

The third module, the Velocity Interaction Portal, delivers personalized Web-based views of customer interactions. It can incorporate internal information such as account balances and order status, and it enables customers to update their profiles.

The modules communicate with one another, allowing companies to link marketing efforts with customer service efforts. “Something like 30 to 60 percent of shopping carts are abandoned,” said Sedgewick. “A company can trigger a follow-up offer of an e-coupon offering them a 10 percent incentive to come back and finish the purchase. It can say 'We recognize that you haven't finished your transaction. What was the obstacle,' ” he said. “The value of that information can be a huge benefit to online retailers.”

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