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Customer Service Tool Gives Real-Time Information

Corcentric, a developer and provider of private online trading communities for the automotive and heavy-duty truck industry, will be offering an online customer service product in the first quarter of 2002.

Called Corcentric Mp, the Web-based portal is designed to improve customer service response and reduce customer service-related costs. It will give aftermarket distributors the ability to access real-time customer service information from multiple manufacturers through a single Web site location. Distributors will be able to perform routine inquiries and transactions such as order placement, inventory availability, track and trace current order status, product updates and promotional information.

Corcentric Mp will contain a module interface for manufacturers who do not have a CRM tool installed as part of their enterprise resource planning system. The module interface will let suppliers process customer service requirements via the Internet using real-time XML, virtual real-time EDI, or database replication, depending on the capabilities of their system.

Manufacturers who have a CRM tool installed as part of their ERP system will be able to host a link directly into their system.

For more information, call 303/798-9634.

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