Customer Review: Source and publish relevant content onto your site with NewsCred


NewsCred provides software to manage, source, discover, distribute, and measure content marketing efforts in one platform.

It also provides access to a content marketplace that includes licensed content, user-generated content, and the ability to commission custom content (including articles, images, videos, and more).

The company offers clients in-house strategy and editorial services as well.

Ranges from $2,950 per month to $10,500 per month (all billed annually). Enterprise pricing is also available.

A one-time integration fee applies to all accounts.

Chris Ruszkowski, VP of advertising and marketing for Quiznos, has been using NewsCred since March 2014.

How do you use it?
Our team uses NewsCred to get time-sensitive content that we can quickly publish on our own content channel Toasty.TV.

NewsCred’s dashboard is easy to use. We log on to our account and then search for the content we want.

When you set up your account, you choose outlets from which you want to be able to pull content. We have access to Billboard, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Daily Dot. We chose these because they publish content that’s most relevant to our target market. We can pull content directly from those publishers into Toasty.TV.

Our social channels are also tied to NewsCred’s content cloud, so we can easily publish content from NewsCred on Twitter or Facebook that pulls people into Toasty.TV.

We haven’t had too many problems with NewsCred’s platform. It’s been pretty seamless. There is a customer service number you can call 24/7 if you have a problem.

How does it serve your business needs?
We launched Toasty.TV in March 2014 as an extension of our website to reach the young adult male audience, which is hard to connect with.

Toasty.TV is populated with a variety of content pulled from NewsCred, as well as user-generated content and a lot of unique videos we have created.

The videos really help drive traffic – we’ve had more than 500,000 visitors since Toasty.TV launched ­– and we want relevant content with the videos. NewsCred allows us to publish time sensitive, relevant content that’s easy to find and pull through the backend onto the website.

In any single day, four or five stories from the platform are featured on Toasty.TV. The stories are pulled out with visuals that we also get from NewsCred.

For example, we know our male audience might have an interest in pro golfer Rory McIlroy so today we pulled a story about him a from Elite Daily. When Toasty.TV visitors click on that story, a window from Elite Daily pops up on our site. That gives us a seamless opportunity to serve relevant content and lets our target audience to spend time with our brand online.

NewsCred has also served as a social media consultant. They have helped us understand more about why and what brands as publishers can do more to reach customers.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
The feed from NewsCred’s cloud is tied directly to our platform’s CMS.

What are the main benefits?
The quality of content NewsCred brings to our fingertips. It allows us to deliver on trend quality content to our audience.

Overall customer support, consultation, and project management. We went to a NewsCred conference that was very helpful. They’ve gone above and beyond in getting us smart in what they do. The content cloud is really user friendly.

What are the main drawbacks?
We haven’t come across any drawbacks to NewsCred.

Getting people to spend time online with the Quiznos brand is one of our ongoing challenges. For example, I want to get people to continue to come back to Toasty.TV again and again to view content versus going to The Huffington Post, for example, to view content. This isn’t a drawback to NewsCred – it’s about us getting people in the habit of getting our exclusive content and other relevant content, which is not exclusive, from outlets such as The Huffington Post.

What would you like to see improved/added?
I’d like to better understand ROI on this. I believe NewsCred is looking to improve its analytics to better understand the people who are coming to the content we serve up and how they’re reached. The platform has audience analytics already, but I’d like to be able to tie them back to sales. That’s always the challenge in advertising and marketing.

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