Customer Review: Social media conversations monitoring tool Social360


Social360 is a social media monitoring and analysis platform. It can search in any language across all social media platforms, blogs, forums, discussion boards, and online comments.

Users have the ability to identify key stakeholders and influencers and track against competitors.

A customizable social media report – delivered daily or multiple times a day for crisis scenarios – provides a top-line summary and detailed narrative by topic. The platform also analyzes conversations, themes, and sentiment; followers of specific Twitter feeds and hashtags; social media volume; mention peaks; key themes, associated keyword metrics, and more.  

Real-time alerts are delivered when influencers, including journalists and politicians, tweet, post, or comment about a topic or keyword users have identified as important. 

Report pricing is based on volume and frequency. Core daily reports typically start at $2,500 per month, and influencer alerts start at $400 per month.

Glen Preston, director of online operations, worldwide communications at Pfizer, has been using Social360 for one year.  

How do you use it?
We don’t access any tool from inside Social360. We get a feed from Social360 every morning that gives us a summary of news items published in the past 24 hours about Pfizer and the industry in general.

So our interface is via two email messages – one that focuses on traditional media and another that looks at social media. We work with Social360 on how they word things in summaries so what they deliver is tailored to what we need.

We use the summaries Social360 sends us as the starting point to create our own news summary that goes to executives and a large group of additional people internally every morning.

There are only two types of problems that could occur with Social360. Either we would not get the email summaries, or we might find articles that Social360 is missing that we feel should be included in our summaries.

If we didn’t get the summaries, we would email our contact at Social360. They’re very responsive.

If we find articles are missing from the summaries, we call and work with an editor at Social360 to fine tune key words or search terms.  

How does it serve your business needs?
It’s important that we distribute the news brief early in the day to give our leaders a good feel for what’s happening in the news so they’re not approached by anyone internally or externally about a topic of which they’re unaware of.

In general, our leaders are aware of topics happening in the news, but something might be happening that’s outside of their particular area of expertise.

How does it integrate with your existing infrastructure from an IT standpoint?
We only interact with Social360 via email.

What are the main benefits?
It gives us an early morning look at company and industry news from around the world.

They are timely, have been very good to work with, and they’re interested in getting it right.

When we have discussions about summary adjustments with Social360, they immediately make changes we need. 

What are the main drawbacks?
There are no drawbacks specific to Social360. When you work with any vendor, it takes a while to really get aligned. We’re constantly changing our area of focus so we have to work with them to make sure we’re aligned.


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