Customer Engagement Innovations

Customer engagement innovations have seen a significant increase in the rapidity and number of creative new solutions being made available.
Customer engagement innovations have seen a significant increase in the rapidity and number of creative new solutions being made available.

Customer engagement innovations have seen a significant increase in the rapidity and number of creative new solutions being made available.

Here are five of the most innovative technologies available that bridge the gap between the contact center and marketing. They are helping to provide excellent customer service as well as profitable business results.

1. Smart Leads Allocator Innovation

Suppose you are in the telemarketing industry. Imagine that you have a tool that allows you to route the appropriate lead to the right salesperson and at the perfect time. On top of that, you only pay for it if you see an increase in sales.

Well, there is a ready-to-use solution that does precisely that.

A range of predetermined characteristics, such as age, client location, gender, marital status,  language, and occupation are used in the calculations. They allow contact center agents to compare past customer data in order to improve customer service.

This profile is then compared to a profile of every new lead that comes in. The algorithm forecasts a conversion rate for each agent using the number of leads they receive.

In order to maximize the overall campaign conversion rate and efficiency, the leads are then assigned based on rules that have been agreed upon by both the organization and the lead source.

During each campaign, 30 percent of the leads are given an assignment at random. The remaining 70 percent are assigned according to the model.

Specifically, companies are responsible for the quantum difference in conversion rates between the allotted group and the control group. In other words, businesses just pay for the generation of additional sales. This is definitely a win-win business model.

It’s true that the technology allows for smart lead allocation within a contact center. However, they may also be able to use it as a decision tool. It may help them to decide whether an outbound contact center or another channel — for example, a retail store — is better able to handle the lead.

2. Custom Videos Increase Customer Engagement

One of the most popular innovations this year was the introduction of the concept of unique, custom videos.

This concept is receiving a lot of attention and sharing. This is proving to be an effective new approach to communicating with customers one on one.

Furthermore, it increases customer engagement and builds rapport and loyalty. At the same time, it is helping to deflect reduce carbon footprint and deflect service calls.

3. Call Wait Time Diffuser

If there’s one thing that unifies customers all over the world, it’s a dislike of having to wait for long periods of time to talk with a call center employee.

In order to distinguish ourselves from the competition, you can now incorporate a new interface. It’s one that displays call wait times to website users. This is one of the most popular new customer engagement innovations.

According to recent research, 52 percent of mobile ads lead to a phone call. Therefore, you cannot overstate the importance of this interface.

If call wait times are lengthy, you can manage visitors’ expectations by informing them in advance. Furthermore, the diffuser sends out an alert when wait times fall below a certain level. This can result in a more positive customer experience in the long run.

4. Call Trackers

With the explosion of digital marketing comes the benefit of being able to track every facet of a campaign’s performance. Therefore, you are able to make adjustments as necessary in order to improve results.

In addition, by utilizing call monitoring software, more tracking is available. You can easily configure this software with Google Analytics.

Further, it is possible to track which keywords or Adwords ads generate traffic to the contact center. Additionally, you can see which ones generate the highest sales results.

5. Proactive Chatting Improving Customer Service

When it comes to customer support channels, webchat has been around for a long time.

Furthermore, it has steady and continuing usage throughout countries like Australia and the U.K. This innovation uses the chat along with proactive lead generation.

Together, along with some clever algorithms and analytics, you can make sure that the chat pop-up window is non-intrusive, and a welcome offer of assistance. In addition, you can ensure an overall great customer experience.


These customer engagement innovations are changing the way businesses interact with their customer.

They are helping to make online shopping a more engaging and helpful experience for everyone. Finally, these innovations are giving people more personal and convenient service from online companies.

These innovations are long overdue and very welcome. They are especially welcome now, after going through certain amounts of isolation and hardship. So…hooray for creative innovators!

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