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Custom images: the savvy retailer’s best friend

ACCORDING TO the U.S. Postal Service, 213 billion pieces of mail


With today’s technology, mailers can be tailored and personalized to reflect brand messaging while appealing to the needs, interests and purchasing patterns of target recipients. To garner higher response rates from direct campaigns, many retailers have been working with marketers to engage in innovative consumer-segmentation programs. Custom imagery specialists take consumer segmentation a step further by enhancing communications with pictures geared toward specific consumer groups.

Savvy retailers are realizing the profitability afforded by combining consumer segmentation with custom imagery instead of stock photography.

Duplicate imagery used in advertising or marketing collateral is problematic as it dilutes a brand’s equity and creates confusion among consumers.

The issue is especially harmful for retailers because they are looking to differentiate their offerings and create an emotional connection with consumers.

Rather than risk using imagery that competing corporations might also be using, many retailers are becoming more sophisticated. Using custom imagery that embodies the brand’s essence and is strategically developed to resonate with specific customer segments, can deliver a higher return on investment and a more successful marketing campaign.

To get to know retailers’ consumer targets, direct mail marketers and custom imagery specialists work with consumer data to create an appeal to individual consumers. Together, the two resources create a production plan aligned with the retail brand’s needs and goals.

Adding custom imagery to a retailer’s direct mail program allows marketers to track the results of their campaigns even closer than before. Based on customers’ response rates, retailers can modify and adjust the images used in their mailers to further increase their profits.

letters, cards, ads, bills, payments and packages are processed every year.?stand out from the hundreds of thousands of mail pieces that consumers receive, retailers must send something more appealing than a generic postcard with stock images.

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