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Cultural Fair Celebrates Black Heritage After Decade Hiatus

Black Heritage Celebration
Black Heritage Celebration

The long-awaited cultural fair at Pinewood Cultural Park in Largo has successfully returned after a decade, bringing to life the vibrant Black community and culture. Shauné Ferguson, a representative from local county schools, expertly curated this local celebration which drew a massive crowd across all age groups.

The park, home to the Botanic Gardens, Heritage Village, and Creative Pinellas, was a visual feast of vibrant hues. The Botanic Gardens celebrated lush greenery and vibrant flora, the Heritage Village paid tribute to history’s charm, and Creative Pinellas displayed a lively arts scene.

Artwork showcasing Black heritage and culture curated by county students took center stage in the event. Performances included powerful poetry recitals, a gospel ensemble, school dance groups, and a marching band, all the elements highlighting the richness of Black culture. Additionally, a panel discussion led by community leaders emphasized on the importance of continued education about history and culture.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to share their thoughts on the artworks and messages in an interactive section. It provided a platform for open conversations and shared learning.

Adding to the cultural fiesta were vendors selling handmade crafts and traditional African and Afro-Caribbean culinary delights. The aroma of traditional delicacies engulfed the air, adding a completely new sensorial dimension to the festival.

The event with its unity and appreciation for Black heritage and culture left a deep impression on its attendees. They marveled at the rich history, artful representations, and resonating performances.

Shauné Ferguson shared that the festival aimed to highlight black-owned businesses and artists. She emphasized that it was more than just an expo, it was a communal gathering to foster connections and ignite collaborations within the community.

Among the black-owned businesses were “Just 1 Taste,” known for its St. Louis-style barbecue, “The Colour Brown,” an art collective led by local artist Kyle Brown, “Blingin’ with Britt,” a jewelry business run by Brittney Daniels, and “LYS Body Care,” a beauty product brand owned by Shon and Shonda Church. This festival was monumental in exhibiting the richness of Black culture and served as a boon to local entrepreneurs.

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