Crystal Light launches social networking site for women

Crystal Light, a sugar-free bever­age produced by Kraft Foods, last week launched uPumpItUp, a social network­ing site designed to encourage women to inspire and challenge each other to achieve various personal goals, which they can then share with friends and track with a widget.

Crystal Light built its reputation around being a diet drink, according to Dave Friedman, president of the central region of Avenue A/Razorfish, the agency that developed the site. However, after the company came out with its new On the Go drink mix, it started to attract new customers, he added.

“The brand went out and did a lot of research with women to understand their values and what was driving their atti­tudes about life,” Friedman said. People are moving beyond the concept of dieting to a more comprehensive view around wellness, which includes exercise and emotional wellbeing, he continued.

The idea for the campaign was con­ceived when research results indicated that three out of four women said they felt they did not have balance in their life, according to Terese Kelly, VP of Aspen Marketing Services, the agency of record for Crystal Light.

“We wanted to create something to help them find that balance,” Kelly said.

Aspen Marketing Services brokered partnerships with Mandy Moore, an actress and singer who chairs the site, and a panel of wellness experts. Ogilvy worked on the online videos of the experts that are featured on the site.

To drive people to the site, Crystal Light has modified its TV spots to bet­ter embody the new message and to include the URLfor the site, Friedman said. There will be an online advertising campaign featuring the wellness panel­ists in video banners and a paid search program that will revolve around well­ness, the expert panelists and the areas of interest and topics on the site.

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