Crowdtap launches social marketing platform

Social marketing and research platform Crowdtap launched March 1. The site allows brands to crowd-source research and drive word-of-mouth campaigns. Consumers can earn points towards rewards such as gift cards or free products by participating on the site.

Brands including Old Navy, Diesel and Pepperidge Farm are using the site at launch. Crowdtap opened the site to all marketers March 1 after launching in beta last August.

“Crowdtap is essentially creating a marketplace that makes it as easy to participate with consumers and launch consumer participatory marketing activities as it is to launch AdWords or Facebook ads,” said Brandon Evans, founder and CEO of Crowdtap.

He added that consumer membership is “in the 54,000” range, having doubled over the last month.

Consumers can sign up to use Crowdtap through their Facebook accounts and earn rewards points by participating in polls and discussions. Brands can enlist participants to share content on Facebook, sample products or throw sponsored house parties. Companies can view responses, including share rates and impressions, for research purposes, said Evans.

He added that Crowdtap does not share member-specific information like e-mail addresses with brands, but companies can view the demographic information of members such as age and gender.

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