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Crosswalk.com Offering E-mail Aimed at Family Friendly Consumers

Crosswalk.com, a Web destination focused on the Christian market, yesterday made available an e-mail marketing service that features the firm’s opt-in list of 32,000.

The list is a result of the firm recently e-mailing a survey to 750,000 of its registered users and asking them to opt-in. It can be segmented according to denomination, church involvement, age, gender, income, occupation and location.

Crosswalk.com plans on sending e-mails for companies under its brand. The recipient will receive the message from Crosswalk.com, although the subject line and content can be exclusively from the client. The service offers text and html messaging.

“With the direct e-mail advertising tool, we expect to attract clients who are seeking a revolutionary mode of directly reaching family-friendly consumers,” said Joe Forche, director of advertising for Crosswalk.com. “This is surgically targeted advertising, more immediate and less expensive than traditional direct mail, and offering a direct return on the advertisers' investment.”

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