Crimson Hexagon Rolls Out Social Audience Tool

Crimson Hexagon today added the Affinities tool to its ForSight suite of social media analytics. The program, which had been in beta test since last fall, calls upon social data compiled by the company in its seven years of existence to reveal the interests of customers and target markets.

A point of difference claimed by Crimson Hexagon over similar tools is that Affinities draws upon what other people post about targeted prospects in addition to what they post about themselves. “Even if someone is not really engaged in social media, even if they’ve never tweeted, we can create a social profile by how they are mentioned by others,” says SVP of Product Errol Apostolopoulos. “With a library of more than 600 billion Twitter posts and a full set of Tumblr data, we feel like we have the broadest coverage to tell the story.”

In a rundown of a beta test on Crimson Hexagon’s website attempting to find the most efficient way for a movie studio to buy Facebook fans for a new release, the company claimed 31% superiority in CTR for Affinities versus Facebook’s own Audience Insights tool.

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